Frost Heave, Solo Dance By Your Mom

Dear Rony,

I'm a photographer, researcher and lighting designer living and working in Maine.  Years ago I collaborated with Alma on projects.  One I remember was "Frost Heave",  solo dance by your mom.  No props just Alma's body going through contortions from getting heaved around in her car by the unbelievably rough roads here in Maine (frost heaves) as winter transitions into spring.

We produced an exhibit of dance photos of Alma and still have the negatives and some prints from that effort. The dance and photo exhibit ran in America and Poland. One performance at the GRAND THEATER in Ellsworth, Me was particularly challenging as the lighting board was barely functional and solo dance is difficult to light at best.  I recognize the image you sent from that portfolio.

I thought Alma was a Polish Jew.  My lineage is Polish American and when 28 days old my name was changed to Garrett from Gutowski and always felt a primal bond with your mom.  She had stayed with us here in Wellington a number of times.  My Polish language is that of a child never having spoken since my grandmother died.  Alma brought presents for my family from Poland.  Polish dolls for my girls and Vodka(yeah), with a piece of straw in the bottle, for me.  Jeszce Polska nie zginiela.

My wife and were touched by your story and perseverance in finding Alma.  She must have been thrilled.  Most people around here didn't know of her name change or that she had a son.  In fact, an old friend as adamant that Alma had no children in a discussion over pie after Thanks Giving dinner recently.  We hope you and your family are safe from the never ending conflict in the region.  You're welcome to come visit anytime.  We live on a rural mountain farm of 300+ acres, where we log, garden and are maple syrup producers.

Best wishes,
Richard Garrett, Photographer