First Time I Met Alma in Warsow

Hi Rony...  First time I met Alma in Warsow, she was doing some dance performing, it was 1983/4. Then she visit Przesieka maybe 1984 or 85 for few days. We lived in Stary Mlyn (Old Mill) And upper house belonged to Sangha from 1983. Alma was interested of Zen but I`m not sure if she first visit Poland because of zen or dancing concert. To Przesieka she come for some zen activity. Stary Mlyn and upper house where kind of buddist centers at that time.

Alma bought the house in 1987 or 88 and moved to live there. As American she couldn`t buy house in Poland so she payed and officialy house belonged to Sangha Kandzeon ( Do you know Andrzej Krajewski? ) he can have a lot info about Alma, formally he represented sanga as owner of the house and deal with Alma a lot. The Zen house (this below) she bought ca 1990 or 91. This guy Kazik was resident and chief of renovation works there. For some time also was together with Alma as a couple.

It was ca 20-30 years ago many things I don`t remember. I moved from Przesieka in 1993. Last years we have some contact with Alma. We meet sometimes in Przesieka or in our house I`ve organized some training sessions there when she was out, sometimes my wife sew something for her etc. I don`t have any pictures of Alma  and a house, will ask people who lived there but I don`t have too much contact to them, Try contact to: - they used house for practice and some people from the group lived there with Alma. I remember guy name Kazik he lived there for many years and he mostly renovate upper house, maybe in Kannon association they can contact him.

Jarek Jodzis