את אידיוט גדול

Dear Alma,

I Did not have to answer your last Latter because I did not have too muck
time and besides it was so full of garbage. It is snowing for a change
and a rather dismal morning, so I'll tell you a thing or two.

Guess who...?  Sept 1987 in living room with mother Lena

How can you possibly  how I feel, when you are so tiekd up with
yourself, you live with youself, do nothing for anyone else, a simple
thing like sending a card to a grandmother who recently thought of you,
or how else would you be living off the fat of the land, so how in the
hell do you know how it feel when the last thing I do each night is
listen to the news at 11 P.M. so I hear the weather report, so I hear
what's happening in Maine, worse winter ever. In the morning, before
you open your eyes, I again hear the news and weather and most of the
news is fires the break out in the night with heating like you have.
If you had another mother who really couldn't cope, you would be
responsible for her being in McLeans, nut house. And I ask myself, why?
And time and again I have to come to the same conclusion; too God damn
lazy to move out of ruts. No I most certainly will not look for homes
for your cats, do it yourself.

You are right I really do not care about your relation with your
father and I should never even mention him. but you do have to admit
that you always played the game of playing one agaits the other, so
I haven't got out of the habit of thinking of you two, besides you are
so like him that it often makes me laugh.