We live then we die

Dear Shye, Here is a little story for you, TaTa (DA Da Rony) can read it for you. In almost each one look for your name - or ?. I hope you like it, and thank you for your letters.
Love BaBa Alma

Little Story for you

Once upon a time a little guy named Shye went to find why in sunshine he is flue.
Do planes fly high in the sky with butterflys but mice hide in the grasses.
Does: a turtle diue a car drive a fish survive in cold water.
How does: a worm become a fly.
Does fire rise a dog cry is an elephant higher than a spider.
Do: bees call home a hiue, is sun not light at night
Am I not you my Ears | Eyes | Legs | Arms X 2.
Is 5 not blue time not ommine.
Do we live then we die, say hi then bye.
And again Hi, and still Um שי...

Love from BaBa Alma