You know how it is with a dog

Dear RonSon...

I just spoke with Hagget Kaufman / if you pronounce it like in Yiddish not German... like ooy vey. coil.. you will know who she is. Webtrack. Art. She wored with you for these companies. She is the daughter of Yona's David, born on Zikim... so Ora the nurse allready knows. I just wrote Ora that we will delightfully come to Zikim.

It is an inner storm to keep a course through the joy of you and your!s appearing in my life and now the death of Homer. As the myth of children being raised by wolves... "those" closeth to me have been dogs. Soit is a big death. And as you know special this Homer.

He had the most beautiful funeral. He was laid out on a white clothe right as you come in the door of the bigger uper house to the left. On a stool a large Buddha, flowers, candle, insence and prayer wheel.
All the children brought bunches of flowers, now mostly pink flox and red dalias... layed out in a circle around him.

He wore his coller with his name tag., and there was his first collar his eating bowl and his water bowl. We burried these with him, so he went to his grave like an Egyptian Pharoh with all his possession, or like a Buddhist monk with his eating bowls and robes. Just these.

Twelve children sat around him on the floor, batting his body, and being like children with Homer and eachother. Some helped in the kitchen. the grave was dug down the road after the garden with the wooden fance under two birch trees by the road on the right. Bartek and Darek dug the hole. Jola the mother of the kods lived here came, Andrzej the art teacher whow you met at his house, and others, nearly twenty.

Four strong men carried the four corners of the material with Homer and the kods and adults came after helter skelter with candles that kept going out and flowers. We stood around the hole where Homer was put with his head toward the house. He was very beautiful in death and smelled his wonderful smell. We thought we could see him still breathing. And we sang a Hidu pretty chant 5 times for the letters in his name. Also two dogs came.

Then everyone threw in some dirt. if they wanted said about Homer...
I spoke for Homer thanking everyone and praising such a fine funeral.
And the kids filled in the hole and we all sat around in the grass shooing away misquitos, cookies and tea and slecial holy water from an 800 year old well at a shrine called St Anns.

Later Darek with Daniel and Piotr beautifiel, the grave, got more dirt. neighbors came by and other dogs. with Darek's Asia who is an artist who told me about graphic dezza.. went to the River told me not to look and made a very wonderful grave sight. They placed rocks in the shape of a paw at one end and a special head stone with the flowers in a ring around. Todat Piotr will carve HOMER in wood to glue on the stone and Darek is Building steps for me to get up to the grave.

Abright half moon low in the sky over the mountains to the South, in a mist sited over the head stone of Homer's grave in the dusk.

Today I will sit with You and Yours and Homer. You know how it is with a dog.

My love -