I know I look like a contorshamish

I have been searching for things to send you and that explains why I haven't been in touch until now...now that Charlotte has invoked my name. I have found a note from Alma in the back cover of my year book...the reason was that she wasn't in our senior class because her parents made her go to Manter Hall, a prep school in Cambridge. Therefore there is no picture of her in the yearbook.

She stayed in touch even though she wasn’t with us that last year.  Also, she lived just up the hill from where I lived, so it was easy to stay connected.  I found a class picture from 6th grade that is adorable and I will scan it and send it along with the note from the yearbook.

I have been searching everywhere for a single picture of her doing a cheerleader jump where her feet touch the back of her head. On it she wrote, "I know I look like a contorshamish"  It's so cute and I haven't put my hands on it...yet.  I'll keep looking.

Reading about your search for her and your ultimate success was so touching.  I can just picture her staring at your ears and making that crack to her only son!  She was unique.  I clearly remember her sitting on her bed with her dog both of them eating out of the same dish...macaroni and cheese or something like that.  I must have looked a bit put off because she announced, "don't you know dogs have cleaner mouths than people?" I hadn't, and I valued that bit of information!

So many times over the years when we have done reunions I have tried to get her to come, but I was always told that she wanted no contact.  We all tried to respect that, but I for one felt cheated out of continuing a nice friendship into old age...a spot where we most definitely are now.  I'm sorry she died  but am thrilled that you and she were able to connect...and the grandchildren and your wonderful parents too.  What a story.

Penny Kirk-Scheideler