He made me chase after a camel

Rony, You...

This photo was taken probably a week after you were born.
Eddie, my father, your grandfather took it... and I can imagine it was not happy occassion, because he always made us upset when he wanted to take a picture. there is another photo somewhere before you were born when near the Dead Sea he made me chase after a camel to take a picture with it. He did not believe in taking pictures without people, and him of someone else close, in it.

I look pretty together in the picture, like I could take on the whole ocean, but I am falling apart inside and probably not happy that he is around. He thought it is proper that I be made to feel guilty, but at the same time he was doing the same thing, and with a non Jewish woman. He had just been divorced and just having heart trouble. About 8 months later he had one of the first in the USA Pace Makers put into his chest. Then it was a tremendous operation.

This picture is also the begining of a long inner emotional journey for me, which I spoke to you about. 
But look how lovely everything looks in the picture, and the realisty was so different.
Ah, so. Don!t forget to send me pictures !!!!

Happy Day -
Love -